Creative Minds - Just What Society Needs

Over the Autumn half-term, four of my clients were 10 years old and each of these boys was uniquely intelligent and talented. One used language like an angel, the other sang and drew, another asked big questions like who had created God and the other day-dreamed and lost all sense of time in my garden collecting different nuts and their corresponding leaves. They were all enchanted by, and connected to the wonders of life.

How shocking then that they came to me for anxiety, depression, sadness and anger; and for each one their trouble was directly related to school. Two 5-year olds I met had been prescribed Ritalin to keep them seated in their chairs at school.

Our human minds are uniquely precious and civilisation would not have developed, if it wasn’t for our ability to imagine, create and wonder at our place in the universe; if it hadn’t been for individuals, like those four little boys.

In the past their contradictions and uneven developments might not have been properly understood, but until recently society was in lots of ways more tolerant of human diversity. Earlier societies had more room for adventurers, healers or any-one wanting to use their hands-on, manual dexterity.

It is time to educate ourselves better about the nature of creativity and what it needs to develop fully. If these needs are not addressed, we create illness and rob ourselves collectively of a precious resource.

The problems modern society faces require huge creativity and originality of thought.  It is imperative to understand and nurture creative, charismatic, out-of-the-box mavericks like my little clients. This needs to start at school.

We need to recognise creativity,
celebrate creativity
and encourage creativity!

Creativity is just what society needs.

If you are interested in this subject, you can hear more on my new CD Calm the Chaos of the Creative Mind, and read about it in the accompanying booklet.