Time to Talk - Interview on Mental Health and the Creative Mind

Today, Thursday February 5th, is Time to Talk Day - an initiative led by Time to Change and other organisations, to encourage us to take just 5 minutes to talk about mental health. 

Although the use of anti-depressants in the UK has gone up by 40% in the the last 4 years, we are still reluctant to expose our emotional vulnerability. Let's work together at lifting the taboo.

Who will you speak to? What do you want to say? What do you want to ask? Are you experiencing anxiety, depression or struggling with addiction? Perhaps you're "just stressed" - something we tend to shrug off or wear as a badge of honour. If your life or that of someone close to you is being negatively impacted by your emotional state or theirs, then it is time to talk.

5 minute Interview on Mental Health and the Creative Mind

In this short 5 minute interview, we discussed the state of creative people in the world today, why we need you and one small thing you can do this week to improve your own emotional health.

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