One to One: Coaching and Therapy

Stress, burnout, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anger or addictive behaviour: these distressing symptoms tell us that our life is not working at the moment. Sometimes the symptoms are less obvious – you may feel stuck or unlike yourself.

The modern, scientific art of psychotherapy can support you in developing your natural resources and deepening your understanding to achieve lasting emotional health. We look at life holistically, not only your symptoms, and very much focus your on future, not your past.

I work from my practice in Woodchurch (Ashford), Kent – and Skype coaching or therapy suits certain types of situations very well.

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Therapy for Adults

Therapy can be effective, brief (with an average of 4 – 6 sessions) and practical.

The basis of my work is informed by the human givens approach which I have used for many years with tremendous success in restoring health and helping people feel more like themselves – and often, leading a more fulfilling life than ever before. 

Therapy for Children & Adolescents

Poor quality sleep, insomnia, worry, low self-esteem can all be indicators of stress, anxiety or even the beginnings of depression.

Take heart. I have seen children come out of these episodes stronger with resources that will equip them for life. 

Coaching for Creatives

Creative people are greatly needed in this world but their talents often come at a cost.

Chaos, black-and-white thinking and constant guilt can hide the true nature and talents of an individual. With the support of coaching, you can learn how to 'calm the chaos', utilise your strengths and ultimately feel more like you.

Your understanding, insight and attunement to me was impressive.
— Psychotherapist

Skype Coaching / Therapy

Skype (or Facetime) coaching has become a very popular way of working as it suits certain types of of situations very well.

For example, for individuals suffering from workplace stress or parents of challenging children who need short, regular sessions to focus on specific difficulties as they arise.

I’m deeply grateful for the four sessions I had with Renée. I’ve noticed a softening in myself, a kindness that is spilling out to those around me. She understood my concerns and the people in my life intuitively. In equal measure she had educational and psychological resources to substantiate her approach, which as a scientist, I really appreciated. Each session left me food for thought and, as a whole, I feel nourished by this time I set aside for myself.
— Cognitive Anthropologist, University of Oxford
Stunning to say the least. What an efficient way to access my unconscious (problematic) behaviour, and break out of it. By noticing triggers and gaining awareness of my automatic responses, I feel I have gained a moment of choice between trigger and response. So practical and insightful.
— Senior Executive Oil Industry
Extreme highs and lows in energy and outlook is what my life had become. Due to Human Givens, I now have a more steady and positive outlook, and feel better than I have done in years. Events that would have previously given me a panic attack no longer affect me that way, often with situations passing without me giving them a second thought. ‘Thank you’ does not express my gratitude.
— Science Teacher
Even though this process has been so clearly beneficial I do not feel in any way reliant or dependant on you which is very reassuring.

I have also found that I have shifted in my outlook from ‘seeking a solution to my problems’ to wanting to ensure that I make the most of every aspect of my life. Thank you!
— Education Advisor

Do you want to explore how we could work together?

N.B. If you're looking for one-to-one programmes for your child (who may have been diagnosed with dyslexia or AD(H)D) please click here and I will take you to the relevant page.