Psychotherapy & Coaching

In just a few sessions of coaching or therapy, I can help you overcome debilitating symptoms – including stress, low self-esteem, burnout, anxiety, depression, trauma, anger or addictive behaviour – without unduly dredging up the past, or needing to commit to lengthy sessions of therapy or medication.

Decide whether working together could help you - or your child - by reading more about the approach I take.

Talks, Workshops & Programmes

The exploding demands of our fast-paced modern life ask ever more of our time, energy and resources and we must learn how to build resilience and new skills to help us cope – and thrive – at work.

I deliver bespoke talks, presentations and workplace programmes in the UK and Europe for businesses, veterinary practices, students, teachers, outreach workers, psychologists, therapists, coaches, musicians and artists. 


The Creative Mind

Whether it is a child who has been diagnosed with dyslexia or AD(H)D or an adult who wants to 'calm the chaos' and feel more like themselves, it is one of my greatest joys to work with creative people - even if they don't think of themselves as creative! 

I provide Dyslexia programmes, talks on the Creative Mind and have a range of resources to support you - including audio CDs.