The Creative Mind

using your talents and overcoming challenges

Creative minds have a very personal way of seeing the world and solving problems. These are the creative thinkers we desperately need.

However, in adulthood these creative people might:

  • struggle to keep focussed and be consistent
  • feel a constant sense of guilt that they are not living up to their potential
  • be poorly organised, stuck in an unsettling cycle of constant job changes or unfinished projects
  • feel they are constantly letting people down, or that their lives are not always very meaningful

As life becomes more demanding, these symptoms might increase or be masked by stress, anxiety, depression, addiction or anger.

Our society urgently needs ‘out-of-the-box’ thinkers: to solve mounting environmental and social problems; to give renewed meaning and purpose to the world of commerce; or, to remind us of justice and the plight of others. 

It is imperative to galvanise those talents, as much for the common good as it is for the creative person to do justice to himself.

The following services and resources are to help you do just that. 


Dyslexia & AD(H)D Support for Children - and Parents

The gifts of children who are diagnosed with dyslexia or AD(H)D can be overlooked. By providing treatment that supports, values and harnesses the talents of these special children, the difficult symptoms that come with dyslexia and AD(H)D can be addressed and overcome in a natural way.

I help children to increase self-awareness and accuracy of perception. I teach them to recognise patterns of thought, behaviour and learning. Children discover how to break unhelpful patterns. They also learn to express themselves in a way that sustains personal growth.


Coaching for Creative Adults

Perhaps you know you're creative - or you feel you once were. 

Creative people often suffer from internal and external chaos, black-and-white thinking and constant guilt which can hide the true nature and talents of an individual.

With the support of coaching, you can learn how to 'calm the chaos', utilise your strengths and ultimately return to feeling more in touch with yourself - and your life.


Calm the Chaos of the Creative Mind - Audio CD

Sometimes the talents and resources don’t even get to see the light of day, as they remain masked by the surface rubble and clamour of everyday life. The creative himself lives with an undercurrent of discontent and a sense of guilt.

Now, that kind of waste is unnecessary and that is why I have created this audio CD for creatives - and for parents, teachers and professionals.


Bespoke Workshops and Talks:
Calm the Chaos of the Creative Mind

This series of workshops and talks teaches people how their creative mind works, guiding principles and practical ways to calm the chaos so they can flourish in their lives and work.

Suitable for creatives and professionals including counsellors, therapists and teachers. 

If you are suffering from anxiety, depression, addiction, stress or trauma, you may wish to consider a few sessions of therapy, please click here and I will take you to the relevant page.

This stuff is all common sense. I have learned so much and have my life back together. I wish they told me this stuff when I was a teenager!
— Musician