Therapy for Adolescents and Children

supporting children with emotional difficulties and growth

Poor quality sleep, insomnia, outbursts of anger, worry, low self-esteem can all be indicators of stress, anxiety or even the beginnings of depression.

Take heart. With the right help to deal with the instigators of the symptoms and to build on the young person’s resources, most children will come out of these episodes stronger and better able to manage challenges of the future.

The right brief solution-focussed approach will also reduce the chances of unnecessary medicalisation of what might just be inadequate coping strategies in a young person’s life.

If we begin by helping adolescents and children improve the quality of their sleep, they can learn to relax, worry less and solve their problems better, deal appropriately with feelings of anger or break out of the spiral of depression quickly.

Work together

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As well as one-to-one therapeutic coaching sessions for dyslexic children and adults, I offer (online) coaching sessions to help parents support their dyslexic offspring. To get in touch to discuss how we can work together, click here.

I am not angry at all any more and no longer argue with my teachers all the time. I am also better focussed in class and my organisational skills have improved hugely.
— 14 year old girl
She seems so much “lighter” today. She slept soundly last night; the best sleep she’d had in ages; no bad dreams, no 5am waking. She is calmer. If she laughs at something she doesn’t become almost hysterical.
— Mother of 13 year old girl