FREE GUIDE: 22 Practical Tips to Calm the Chaos of the Creative Mind

Creative people are greatly needed in this world but their talents often come at a cost – with many more people simply losing sight of their own creativity and thus feeling life is stagnant.

Chaos, black-and-white thinking and constant guilt can hide the true nature and gifts of an individual. Perhaps you recognise this in yourself? If so, take heart. There are things you can do...

Download your free guide with 22 practical tips to help you
calm the chaos – and ultimately feel more like yourself

Tip: It's print-friendly so keep it on your desk or nightstand and use it as a guide – or save it somewhere obvious on your computer. Pick a few tips to focus on or change and see what difference it makes to your life – and creativity! 


P.S. I have created these tips to help guide you – but "tips" will never match the effectiveness and transformation that good psychotherapy or coaching can bring if you are feeling overwhelmed, off-track or suffering. If you do feel you need more help, please read this page on one-to-one work.

About Renée

Renée van der Vloodt ( M.A. , FHGI ) is a well-respected therapist and coach – and has had a private practice for over 20 years, which is now based from Elysian Centre in Rye, East Sussex. 

Renée is the author of the CD Calm the Chaos of the Creative Mind and works with children and adults as a coach and therapist to help them overcome life's challenges and emotional difficulties including stress, burnout, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anger or addictive behaviour.

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