World Mental Health Day 2018 – How can self-compassion help our mental health? (Audio)

Whether it's stress, anxiety, depression, anger - it’s always accompanied by high levels of emotional arousal, or fight-flight-freeze. This is an activation of that part of the brain that is intended to protect us.

Self-compassion is a beautiful tool which, when practiced regularly, can transform your life and down regulate high emotions. It has a huge impact on your resilience. 

In audio I discuss:

  • What Self-Compassion means

  • How Self-Compassion works and how the ‘attitude’ towards your own suffering affects us physiologically/emotionally

  • Practical tips you can apply to your own life


Self-care for Therapists and Healthcare Professionals

Building Resilience through Self-Compassion


This workshop will not teach you to lead a balanced life. You already know how to do that. Instead it draws on your greatest resource to truly help you maintain your buoyancy and replenish your emotional stores, in a sustainable and deeply transformative way.

You will learn to mobilise your natural gift of compassion towards yourself in an embodied and experiential way.