A one-day workshop with Renée van der Vloodt

SATURDAY 26TH OCTOber 2019 – 10AM – 5PM
Central LONDON



Resilience is now said to be our most vital resource: not just to help us deal with the unpredictability of the modern world we live in and the high demands it makes of us, but as a fundamental requirement to lead the best life we can.

The skill of resilience starts with self-kindness and is like a muscle which you can learn to develop and teach to others!

Why do this course?

Healthcare professionals are characterised by their energy, passion and vocational calling. They often derive their motivation and satisfaction from being of service. Helping others draws on our deepest instincts to connect and support. The work is humbling, gratifying and meaningful.

Without some proper checks in place, this limitless enthusiasm can lead to caregivers’ fatigue, burn-out or utter exhaustion. Unclear boundaries, administrative overload, lack of professional feedback and cases that take too much out of us, can all take us to the edge.

What you will learn on this workshop

This exciting new workshop teaches us how to care for ourselves while caring for others.

Without the understanding and experience of this practice, our body and mind suffer massively over the course of time. Here you will begin to draw on your greatest resource to truly help you maintain your buoyancy and replenish your emotional stores, in a sustainable and deeply transformative way.

You will learn to mobilise your natural gift of compassion and direct it towards yourself, in an embodied and experiential way. In other words, by using your body senses and experimenting with many practical and immediately applicable exercises.

Self-compassion is treating yourself with the same kindness as you would a friend, in the face of disappointment, loss, illness or any other set-back. It has been shown to have a beneficial effect on how we feel long-term and on the strength and speed with which we recover from adversity.

In an age when people are plagued by the harshness and torment of perfectionism, and the relentless voice of their inner critic, it is time to re-learn to soften up and truly befriend ourselves.

The day allows you to explore how small shifts in attitude and self-awareness, in combination with a kind and compassionate way of tending to yourself will make you feel more securely at home with yourself.

Many people experience this workshop as a great gift to themselves.

A Practical Day

This workshop teaches you a variety of very different, practical ways to develop resilience through self-compassion. You will be given time to explore what works best for you.

There is no power-point, only short background talks interspersed between the exercises and plenty of opportunity to debrief on this interactive day.

All exercises will be contained in an accompanying handbook.


The workshop draws on the pioneering research on the long-term effects of self-compassion, by Kristin Neff PhD. 

There are now more than 1800 research papers on the sustained benefits to wellbeing –increased sense of positive states and decreased states of stress, depression, anxiety and anger – achieved when bringing compassion to oneself in a variety of ways, tapping into our different modalities.

Many people experience this workshop as a great gift to themselves.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is aimed at healthcare professionals but is also suitable for anyone whose working life is in the service of others: like educators, carers, first responders, charity officers.

What others say...

The day is entirely practical and experiential, and allows you to explore how small shifts in attitude and self-awareness, in combination with a kind and compassionate way of tending to yourself will make you feel more securely connected with yourself.


10am - 5pm, Saturday 26th October Central London

Price: £165.00
Special Price for early birds booked and paid by 15.09.19: £135.00

Contact Carole Samuda if you would like to book over the phone or have questions: carole@carolesamuda.co.uk // 01420 543365


Over the last 35 years I have worked as an educator, coach, therapist and trainer. I have also brought stress management to schools and the workplace – and have trained other therapists and coaching professionals, both in the UK and abroad.

Early in 2018, I was involved in launching a 4-week Resilience programme informed by the work of Kristin Neff PhD, in 3 NHS hospitals in East Kent. I taught alongside psychiatrist Dr Julia Ronder.

My practice is informed by the latest scientific understanding of how mind-body-emotions interact. I am a Human Givens practitioner (PSA accredited) with a private practice in Kent, Fellow of the HGI, and taught the Human Givens Diploma. I have trained with Dr Michael Yapko, am involved in online CPD via the NIACBM in the US and became a Mindful Self-Compassion Trained Teacher in 2017.

My special interest is in the creative mind and hands-on learners, having started life as an art historian and working for BBC TV.

Renée gave the most observant, abstract feedback as if reading my thoughts.
Renée van der Vloodt is an excellent, engaging trainer. Renée gave us a mix of her extensive knowledge and experience in the field (always interesting), together with some really good practical break-out exercises. The exercises and the discussions that we had allowed us to discover for ourselves the transforming power of her approach. Renée has a wonderful way of drawing out useful comments and experiences from her audience. A thought-provoking, helpful and enlightening day, and I would highly recommend it.