The modern workplace demands ever more of us. You may be seeing the toxic effects of consistent stress in your business as it impacts upon decision making, performance, relationships and the health of individuals and the business itself.

This is a signal to you as the business-owner and/or leader to take action and invest in developing the skills of your team to manage stress, improve communication and relationships as well as understand their own behaviour so that they can not only cope, but thrive and grow at work... 

Read and consider this case study – including the results we achieved. Each programme is crafted to the needs of the business so please contact me to discuss your business in more detail

Case Study: Priory Veterinary Practice

REducing stress and improving well-being & emotional resilience in A HIGH PRESSURE environment 

Priory Vets provide care, including a 24 hour Emergency Vet for Out of Hours care, for dogs, cats, rabbits and other small animals.  They have small animal vets covering four branches across North Surrey and a team of equine vets across the south-east. As you can imagine, the working environment can be stressful, highly emotionally charged and life and death decisions need to be made on a regular basis.

Steve Carter, principal of the group, approached me and after discussions with him and, importantly, with his team I created a bespoke version of Thrive and Grow at Work – a practical and interactive stress management and personal-development programme.  

Our objectives were to help staff build resilience to the demands put upon them, to understand stress and how to break the cycle, improve communication within the team and to develop individuals’ capabilities to live up to their potential.

"[The programme has] provided a practical framework for attendees to explore and help themselves through having a better understanding of the way humans process their experiences and relationships. This in turn can lead to more effective ways of coping and better outcomes."
– Steve Carter, Principal of Priory Vets

How did the programme work?

I worked with Priory Vets across 6 months and lead 7 lunchtime workshops in total. I applied the latest scientific findings relating to stress in the workplace combined with the Human Givens approach to educate staff on our innate needs and resources and to help them understand how to get their individual needs met. Each session was mixed with exercises and practical skills which could be used straight away in the individuals’ working and personal life.

The Results

  • Improved sleep
  • Less stress - at home and at work
  • Better coping skills and strategies
  • Easier to recognise stress in others
  • Improved communication skills
  • More understanding and empathetic of others
  • Improved decision making skills
  • More able to think out-of-the-box
  • Kinder to myself and others
  • Less judgemental
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Skills using mindfulness and other techniques to aid in the future

A note from Steve Carter, Principal of Priory Vets

"I am the Principal of a private veterinary practice with 40 members of staff. The strains associated with the burdens of caring, our professional responsibilities , the long hours and our busy complex lives frequently have a negative impact on our happiness, sense of satisfaction at work , and even our long term health.  Significant numbers leave what many would otherwise perceive as a fulfilling profession. None of these things are good for their patients or the practice or me.

Renée has specifically created a programme known as "Thrive and Grow" for my business, comprising 6 group sessions running over several months. These have directly addressed the causes of emotional and psychological difficulties of the group, and provided a practical framework for attendees to explore and help themselves through having a better understanding of the way humans process their experiences and relationships. This in turn can lead to more effective ways of coping and better outcomes. Access to further help and support materials were also a part of the programme. These sessions have been very well regarded by those attending and for some they have been life changing. If any of my employees are happier, more resilient and remain in post for the right reasons, then as an investment in the people who matter to me and the practice as a whole, it will be of great value. I see those changes happening already."

Testimonials from the vets

Everyone should do this.
Incredibly useful for home and work.
Greater understanding of my colleagues has really taught me to be mindful in so many ways. Can really sleep at night now. Thank you!
Highly recommended!
Great team-building course.
This course allows you to learn about yourself. Teaches calming techniques and ways to reduce stress and how to help others by knowing what to look out for.
Great course to help with stress: how to notice it, what you can do to control it, also notice it in others and not be so hard on yourself. Helps change the way we think.

You can read more information about the Thrive and Grow programme HERE.

This is a stress management and resilience programme – but its impact is greater. As a result of going through the workshops together, we find that a team will be stronger and more understanding whilst individuals will overcome some of the more personal challenges that are stopping them from reaching their full potential. 

Where individual attention is needed, I can work with team members one-on-one to help them overcome stumbling blocks including unhelpful patterns of behaviour.

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