Thrive and Grow at Work


The exploding demands of our fast-paced modern life ask evermore of our time, energy and resources. Unless we learn how to build resilience and continue to develop our capabilities, we can miss out on living up to our true potential, and very often suffer with stress related challenges including: 

  • Sleep deprivation
  • Inefficiency and poor decision making
  • Lack of focus
  • Miscommunication
  • Shrivelled creativity
  • Feelings of isolation, guilt and resentment

Overloaded circuits can mean that talented, conscientious performers fall short of achieving their own aims. In the process they lose touch with their talents and the very unique contribution they can make.

This practical, fun and interactive self-development programme is based on the latest science of how to thrive in life.

With it will come increased self-awareness, understanding of the cycle of stress and immediate experience of how to break it. This will improve communication, so that participants can learn to get their needs met at work allowing them to develop their talents and resources to the full.

Case Study: 

Less stress. Better coping skills and strategies. Improved communication skills and more able to think out-of-the-box – just some of the outcomes staff at Priory Vets experienced when they attended the Thrive & Grow at Work programme. Read more about how Renée’s programme transformed lives at Priory Vets here… 

Programme Structure

The programme can be offered in various formats, ideally spread out over 6 months.

Group size:

Maximum 14 people

What happens at the workshops?

The workshops are very practical. They offer the latest scientific and psychological education relating to stress in the modern workplace, alternated with exercises and practical skills to be implemented immediately(as homework) in your working and personal life.

The kind of topics we cover:

  • Taking responsibility to get your needs better met, at home and at work
  • Understanding the stress spiral - how emotional arousal makes us less intelligent- and how to break it
  • Learning to calm down more consistently for clarity of mind, better focus, improved self-awareness and more effective communication
  • Improving communication skills: with your team members, managers and clients
  • Learning to work in ways that are most suited to your particular skillset and learning style - everyone is different.

A successful programme will make you feel back in the driving seat of your own life and profession. You will gain a sense of general well-being and that you are growing, learning and achieving. You will feel more connected to yourself, your colleagues and your joint ambitions.

A successful programme will remind you of the importance of the work you do and the unique contribution that only you can make.