Why bother? Rekindle your sense of meaning and joy [ Audio Blog]


Do you sometimes feel disheartened or distressed?

Feelings of gloom can descend upon us depending on what’s going on in our lives; sometimes things just seem to be conspiring against us! Or, perhaps you have a child with a ‘why bother’ attitude…

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

The quicker we are able to break the cycle of these habitual negative emotions, the quicker we are able to reconnect and rekindle the more natural sense of joy, hope and your sense of fun.

Why listen to this audio blog? You will learn:
  • Why we as humans get bogged down in negative emotions
  • How it’s easy for children to get disheartened
  • The positive emotions we’re all capable of
  • How to flip the switch when we’re stuck in a negative groove
  • A key takeaway from the work of Kelly McGonigal
  • The positive habits you, or your child, need to start cultivating today

Click the below link to listen to the audio blog:


About Renée

Renée van der Vloodt ( M.A. , FHGI ) is a psychotherapist and coach – and has had a private practice for over 20 years, which is now based in Woodchurch (near Ashford), Kent.

Renée works with children and adults as a coach and therapist to help them overcome life's challenges and emotional difficulties including stress, burnout, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anger or addictive behaviour.

Renée is a regular contributor to Breathe Magazine and the author of the CD Calm the Chaos of the Creative Mind.