5 things a psychotherapist wants you to know


I often find that I evaluate my life and connections, with myself and others, at certain times of the year – particularly in early spring and around the New Year. They are times for renewal, rejuvenation, to reset and to reconnect.

You might do the same.

Perhaps you’ve become aware that you wish to make changes due to some obvious signs of imbalance in your life which you hope to address; or, simply because you want to make a ‘good life, great’.

You may be uncertain how to go about this on your own, and perhaps you are considering working with someone to jump start the process.

On the other hand, the idea of ‘therapy’ can be intimidating and stops too many people from reaching out to get the support and encouragement they deserve.


It might be the fear of someone rootling around in your past, or anxiety about receiving confirmation of what we most fear: that we are in some way flawed. Or maybe you dread the thought of being trapped into years of therapy. Perhaps you have simply accepted that this is the way you’ll always be.

There are lots of reasons we don’t reach out, but with enough determination and aided by the plethora of resources available to us, we can move forward in our own time and in our own way.

5 things a psychotherapist wants you to know

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Perhaps the article I was commissioned to write by Breathe magazine, will help you make up your mind.

In it I describe the positive ways you can work with a therapist, to look to the future and build on your resources, develop skills and improve ways to manage yourself and regulate your emotions.

As a psychotherapist who has been practising for over 20 years, there are five things I’d like you to know before you consider therapy. I hope they’ll help you decide.

Download the article and discover if therapy could be for you.

What are your thoughts after reading the article?

Perhaps you’re confident you would like to explore ways of working together or maybe you have more questions to ask. Either way, please feel free to get in touch here ⤑

I work from my private practice in Woodchurch (near Ashford) in Kent. However, for some time now, I've been working with increasing numbers of people via Skype (or Facetime) as it suits certain types of of situations very well – including dealing with workplace stress and short sessions for parents to focus on specific difficulties as they arise.

About Renée

Renée van der Vloodt ( M.A. , FHGI ) is a psychotherapist and coach – and has had a private practice for over 20 years, which is now based in Woodchurch (near Ashford), Kent. She also works with people around the world via online sessions.

Renée works with children and adults as a coach and therapist to help them overcome life's challenges and emotional difficulties including stress, burnout, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anger or addictive behaviour.

Renée is a regular contributor to Breathe Magazine and the author of the CD Calm the Chaos of the Creative Mind.