Unsung Heroes with Tony Gauvain [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

Listen to Colonel Tony Gauvain (retired) whose special work I’d like to celebrate and bring to your attention. Tony co-founded the charity PTSD Resolution  www.ptsdresolution.org with Piers Bishop, to help veterans suffering from the aftereffects of their military experience.

Post traumatic stress is not always easy to detect. Symptoms such as depression, violence, substance abuse, family breakdown and job loss can mask traumatic military experiences.

However, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) does not have to be for life. With the right help, these brave people can continue to make valuable contributions to society. They have put their minds and bodies on the line for us. It is now our duty to give them the chance for total recovery.

The Human Givens approach, used by PTSD Resolution, is having an 83% success rate of full recovery – in as little as 6 sessions.


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