Tools of the Trade: The Therapist’s Voice [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

As a therapist and trainer I am continually on the look-out for ways to develop myself professionally, with a view to serving my clients better.

Effective communication is at the heart of therapy. Our voice is the vehicle for our intention. Good content is not enough. It is underpinned or detracted from, by the way we use our voice. This was brought home to me at a vocal concert where the MC’s jokes garbled into a muffled mike were lost on the audience who made no bones about their irritation. The beauty of the a capella choir voices that followed, instantly changed the mood and raised the spirits.

Recently, I spoke to musician Professor Derek Barnes about how he teaches therapists and other healthcare professionals to play their vocal instrument to maximum effect.

 The way we use our voices will affect heart rate, mood, health and consciousness of the listener. We can all learn to affect positive change in the other, by honouring and enhancing the uniqueness of our own voice. This will allow it to transport our very best intentions.

Please enjoy watching the interview below...

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Visit Derek's website  He has an upcoming workshop for on Saturday 5th April in Redhill, Surrey.