The Value of Mindfulness with Sandra Tideman [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

Why has mindfulness become so popular?

Mindfulness practitioner and teacher Sandra Tideman-van Nispen explains:

“Everyone who practices mindfulness regularly will find it brings a lot of benefits in life. It seems that particularly in the fast developing technological and modern digital world that we live in, we need it. Because nowadays most of the people most of the time actually train in mindlessness and restlessness!

Mindfulness is a powerful antidote.

With regular practice – and a lot of scientific research shows this – you will gain many benefits: you’ll feel more calm, it significantly reduces stress, improves immunity; people get sick less, become more effective, more efficient, more productive, better at monotasking ( less multitasking!);  they experience better sleep, more empathy, better communication. And this is where it begins!”