How to connect with your inner voice


Some years ago, when I thought my son was lost in the wilderness of his teenage years, a poignant incident revealed to me that things were not as black-and-white as that.

In spite of all the turbulence we witnessed on the surface of his life, he was still able to hear his inner voice loud and clear when it mattered to him to listen.

The story in brief, is that he sent me an urgent message on a day I was abroad for a work assignment. He urged me take special care of myself. His hunch, it turned out, was as sharp as ever and thanks to his plea I avoided getting caught up that very night, in a nasty and aggressive robbery.

We all have that gift.

We all have an inner compass, our very own guide, always on the look-out and engaged in the process of helping us stay alive and lead a life worthy of who we are and what we have to bring to the world.

Creative minds are perpetually in search of truth.

Things have to ring true for a creative person to be motivated. But where do you go for ‘truth’? How do you stay true to yourself? How do you avoid getting overwhelmed and confused by everyone else’s opinions and standards?

Could there be a better moment than right now — as a new year lies invitingly ahead — to be reminded of that particular strength and to make a conscious effort to reconnect with your own inner voice?

Worksheet: Listen to your inner voice

I have created a special worksheet to help you do this. Download it (for free) below and then be guided through the steps to reconnect with your inner voice. 

We all know those moments, when we cannot explain logically why we have to overrule an obvious decision, go against the flow or when we don’t trust a seemingly likeable person. Maybe you’ve had times when you felt steered or taken by the hand? You might be used to hearing the comforting voice of your inner guide? Perhaps you just ‘know’ things in your gut or in your heart?

Research shows that by ignoring or overriding our gut instincts in the long run, we erode our self-confidence, become indecisive and reliant on others for opinions. We become disconnected from ourselves and we lose the way on life’s journey.

There is a way to reconnect. Take the time to complete the worksheet and do the exercises. A small investment of time and the effort of putting pen to paper can pay off enormously and begin to lift the uneasiness you feel. 

If you are suffering with anxiety or a feeling that life is not working for you, please get in touch to explore how we can work together.