Achieve Wellness with Judy Malloy [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

To achieve lasting well-being we must acknowledge that the mind and body are one. The body gives us messages about the mind and vice versa. Join me in this interview with my good friend Judy Malloy who is an author, massage therapist, actress, and co-ordinator in part-time program at Finger Lakes School of Massage in New York. 

In our short discussion, we talk about: 

  • Why the body is like a black box
  • Why philosopher Descartes' statement "I think, therefore I am" is a great disservice to us
  • How our body tells a story

Do you consider your body’s aches and pains or your illnesses an inconvenient nuisance, or do you stop to consider what it might be trying to convey to you?

Judy  is one of a growing number of healers and therapists urging us to integrate into our work the new scientific knowledge that the body functions as our ‘black box’, meticulously recording every experience we have. She argues that it is a misperception to think that it is letting you down when it hurts and you can no longer take it for granted. On the contrary, your body might be your greatest ally and its cries might actually be calling for you to see that ‘here is the key…’ A pain pattern shows up a stagnant pattern of thought and behaviour, when growth and wellness are blocked. A pain pattern reflects a stuckness which needs attention before it can heal. Pain can be used as an opportunity to shed the shackles of limiting beliefs and thereby give us an opportunity to raise awareness and continue the natural path of life which is GROWTH.

Don’t forget then to address the pain directly and ask what it is trying to say; but first let yourself be inspired by what Judy has to tell you about your body and the healing power of touch. 

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