Working Together - The Results

I can work with you to overcome  depression,  anxiety,  panic attacks, PTSD, phobias  and behaviour resulting from anger.

My aim is to offer brief solution-focussed therapy, typically in just a few sessions and to help people build upon existing strengths and skills to achieve lasting well-being. Read more about the approach I use here.

Below is some of the thanks I have received over the years that I would like to share with you so that you can see what is possible. 

If you would like to work together to improve your health and life, please contact me. There is no obligation and we can discuss what would be appropriate in your situation.

I am feeling much better. I really appreciate having you in my life, you are an exceptional therapist, you work with such clarity, love and it always feels very empowering
— Doctor
Since I first met Renée over a year ago now, with her help I have completely transformed my outlook on life and my internal world, & have discovered for the first time a sense of real joy in life after many years of living in the dark. As a consequence the circumstances of my external world have also changed beyond recognition & I am now well on the way to making a reality, things that previously I did not even dare to dream of. Renée is an extraordinarily gifted communicator, coach & therapist.

She has rare qualities of insight, humanity, and compassion tempered with common sense. In a word Renée is inspiring, & I feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her. Thank you doesn’t even begin to go far enough. Go and see Renée, & through her, you may just finally come to encounter that very special person that you’ve been looking for all along - yourself.
— Movement Teacher and Ski Instructor
I felt wings spring out from my back near my shoulder blades. They flew out so big I couldn’t control them and I started to fly. For a moment, I really had to check to see if my arms were moving and I was on the ground. The warmest feeling of being completely okay and fully present in my body came over me. That’s it, it is time to fly, I thought. And, wow, it feels great to finally feel that I have wings to fly with. Really, Renée, I can already see so many changes. Thank you so much!
— Art Dealer
Renée played a very significant role in my ‘transformation’.
— IT consultant
I have thoroughly enjoyed our sessions together. You have always engaged with me in a very sensitive and open way which has given me the confidence to be completely open with you. The sessions have been a process of exploration. You have enabled me to gain greater insight and understanding of my thoughts, feelings and behaviour and identified tools that have helped me enormously.

Even though this process has been so clearly beneficial I do not feel in any way reliant or dependant on you which is very reassuring. I have also found that I have shifted in my outlook from ‘seeking a solution to my problems’ to wanting to ensure that I make the most of every aspect of my life. Thank you!
— Education Adviser
Things have been going well since I last saw you. I managed to successfully control my stress levels at work during a very busy period. Our sessions together have been excellent. They’ve helped me to get some balance and perspective back into my life. Thank you!
— Actuary
Extreme highs and lows in energy and outlook is what my life had become. Due to Human Givens, I now have a more steady and positive outlook, and feel better than I have done in years. Events that would have previously given me a panic attack no longer affect me that way, often with situations passing without me giving them a second thought. ‘Thank you’ does not express my gratitude.
— Science Teacher
Many thanks for all your help. Just to let you know that after the session I felt very happy and positive I even began to sing again!! As the days went on I began to test myself to see if it had really worked, I began to try and recall events but somehow I couldn’t however hard I tried!!! That proved to me that it had worked and that I could move on with my life. Nothing now gives me the degree of distress that I had originally experienced.
— Teacher
I am sorry not to have been in touch for so long. To be honest I was half expecting to wake up one day and be back to where I was before I saw you. Fortunately I am still very well and in surprise to be so. I really notice a difference. I have also coped with a very hectic term including performance management observations and interview.

Other people are commenting now on how much better I am. I wanted to say a big thank you for your help again! I can’t quite believe that after all these years I am so much better. A few things came up as you anticipated but I have been able to cope - wow! “I can’t believe how well it works!” (and in such a short space of time.) Thank you again!
— Teacher
This stuff is all common sense. I have learned so much and have my life back together. I wish they told me this stuff when I was a teenager!
— Musician
The human givens approach is definitely the way forward for psychotherapy.
— Cognitive Behavourial Therapist