A Guide to Understanding Anger


A Guide to Understanding Anger


Understanding anger through the lens of the Creative Mind

Anger can be a positive emotion. It propels us forward into action – to "fight our corner". But often, displays of anger are out proportion to the situation in hand. We react, without choosing how to respond. 

This audio guide will help you recognise your behaviour and understand yourself (and others) better, as well as the causes of anger – and what you can do about it.

Ideal for creative minds – as well as parents, teachers and therapists.

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A Guide to Understanding Anger

Part of the Calm the Chaos of the Creative Mind Series

My hope is that these three tracks support you in your enquiry to understand anger: the causes in yourself and others – and with the help of the practical tips, discover ways to get your emotional needs met, rediscover a sense of vitality and lead a meaningful, healthy life.

Track 1: Interview with Renée van der Vloodt

Join me and Catherine Robson (director of Big Pip Marketing and a creative mind!) on an exploration of what it means to have a Creative Mind and how anger can manifest in our lives and in relationships with others and with our self. We discuss:

  • Why I felt it was important to create this resource
  • What is meant by “The Creative Mind” and how to recognise yourself
  • The different ways people show their anger
  • Why we get angry
  • Why there are days when we seem to be in a persistently angry mood (and what can we do)
  • Why seemingly trivial things can set us off
  • Why can it often be so difficult to snap out of angry behaviour
  • What is shame and how can it affect us
  • A word of encouragement

Track 2: Practical ways in which you can begin to rebalance your life and address anger

Anger is often a signal that our emotional needs are not being met. Listen to the tips and ideas on this track to learn how to reframe your experience, address your needs and develop your skills and resources to help you handle situations better and choose how you wish to respond.

Track 3: Guided Exercise – Breaking the pattern of old anger

Anger can be both justified and helpful. Sometimes though, we know that our angry response to situations is out of proportion with what is going on. This is referred to as ‘sub-threshold’ trauma: a situation in the present, which calls up an old forgotten memory.

This guided audio exercise can help you to leave the angry response in the past, where it belongs. It will liberate you from the shackles of the past and free up energy to put into your life now.