A one-day workshop with Renée van der Vloodt





The BBC called 2016 ‘The Year of Anger’. In our turbulent, modern lives, displays of anger and aggressive behaviour are on the increase – but do you know how to identify the real causes of much excessive anger and how to deal with it? Most people don't – including many professionals.

This practical workshop is for health professionals, teachers, line managers, and anyone interested in truly comprehending and learning to deal with this most misunderstood of our human emotions.

This workshop will give you: 

Up-to-date insights and understanding            

  • New insights into the real causes of (excessive) anger that often go unnoticed — even by health care professionals
  • Understanding of the link between shame and chronic anger
  • Understanding of the upside of anger    
  • Ways to identify the patterns of angry behaviour and an insight into the different and often hidden ways anger disorders manifest themselves including subversive behaviour
  • The latest scientific understanding of how anger is generated and how chronic anger affects physical and emotional health

    Practical tools and strategies   

  • How to identify the cause of your own anger — and what you can do to take charge and restore balance
  • An effective and comprehensive toolbox of skills and strategies to manage anger successfully – and long-term – including ways to calm down using mind and body - to recognise the physiological markers, improve communications skills, challenge unhelpful assumptions
  • Embodied exercises to diffuse anger and to create space between the emotion and the response – the space which offers freedom to choose
  • Exercises to transform your inner critic into an inner ally
  • The most powerful therapeutic method for neutralising certain types of anger
  • A comprehensive framework to improve resilience by creating a balanced life
  • How to help even the most profoundly angry child – and achieve results that last
I would encourage any therapist or coach to go [on this workshop]. Renée delivers so much in one day and in a way that makes the information and techniques easy to take on board and use straight away. She is now on my “mustn’t miss list” because I know the value of her courses extend way beyond the subject matter.


Planned for November 2018, Regent’s College, London

Early Bird Price: £125.00
Standard Price: £150.00
Special Price for NCH Members: £125.00

Contact Carole Samuda if you would like to book over the phone or have questions: carole@carolesamuda.co.uk // 01420 543365


Over the last 35 years I have worked as an educator, coach, therapist and trainer. I have also brought stress management to schools and the workplace – and have trained other therapists and coaching professionals, both in the UK and abroad.

My practice is informed by the latest scientific understanding of how mind-body-emotions interact. I am a Human Givens practitioner (PSA accredited), Fellow of the HGI, and taught the Human Givens Diploma. I have trained with Dr Michael Yapko, done online CPD via the NIACBM in the US and have recently become a Mindful Self-Compassion Trained Teacher.

My special interest is in the creative mind and hands-on learners, having started life as an art historian and working for BBC TV.

Renée van der Vloodt is an excellent, engaging trainer. Her workshop on anger is designed to help therapists to better understand anger and to work more effectively with angry clients and for me she succeeded brilliantly in both those aims. Renée gave us a mix of her extensive knowledge and experience in the field (always interesting), together with some really good practical break-out exercises. The exercises and the discussions that we had allowed us to discover for ourselves the transforming power of her approach. Renée has a wonderful way of drawing out useful comments and experiences from her audience. A thought-provoking, helpful and enlightening day, and I would highly recommend it.