Children with Dyslexia and/or AD(H)D


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To live life fully we need to connect with our natural talents. Dyslexic children are creative, visual thinkers. They often know answers to questions without realising how they got there. They are intuitive, lateral thinkers and learn by doing and seeing. 

Similarly, it can be overlooked that children with AD(H)D tend to be charismatic, creative, adaptable and inclined to seeing the big picture. These traits too, are huge assets to individuals, and ultimately to us all.  

A quick search on the Internet and you will quickly discover how the world has been focusing on the diagnosis and the weaknesses of these gifted individuals

If we want our children to be happy and achieve, self belief is key.  By providing treatment that supports, values and harnesses the talents of these special children, the difficult symptoms that come with dyslexia and AD(H)D can be addressed and overcome in a natural way. 

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Children with Dyslexia

With the notion that "Dyslexia is a Gift", I support and work with children through individual, tailored dyslexia programmes.


Children with AD(H)D

Too many modern children are diagnosed with AD(H)D thereby medicalising symptoms that can often be addressed in an alternative, more constructive, way.

You really have turned her life around, and made such a tremendous difference to her confidence and self-esteem. I now feel that I have my child back - happy and positive as she always was when younger.
— Mother of 12 year old dyslexic girl